apunzel and her not so long hair! 

Once upon a time, in the kingdom of Corona, a beautiful baby princess was born. She was named Apunzel by her parents. She had blue eyes, a pointy nose, chubby cheeks, and had a very smooth golden hair. People would love to babysit Apunzel just to see her hair and caress it. The King was delighted to see that all his people loved her daughter so much. She grew up liking her hair the most too. She would spend her whole day brush them. 

One fine day, the king went for an adventure and a hunt into the forests. He wandered with his men all night. A sudden storm came by and blew the crew apart. The king was separated from others except for his horse. He followed the north star to hit the north. But, guess who forgot his astronomy lessons? Yeah, the kingdom was all way south. 

But still, perseverance triumphed doubts and the King marched forward, I mean technically backward! He could see no man and no house on his way. He then happened to find a ray of light from a fire torch in a distant yet visible place. He needed shelter and of course, food. When he approached the place, he could see that it was a little cozy house which was surrounded by a garden filled with black roses and another weird plant that resembled Mandrake. But, the king was not so sure of it. He knocked on the door, a young lady opened the door. The king introduced himself and demanded food to be served to him immediately as he was the ruler. Though the lady was aware that it was Kingdom Genovia and not Corona, she decided to serve the king. He ate his stomach full and stayed there for the night. The morning, she gave him some bread and water for his journey back and bid farewell. Meanwhile, his men traced the horse’s paw prints and found the king. They were ready to accompany him. Well, hope they have not forgotten the directions! 

While leaving, the king wanted to smell those roses and pluck some of them to sow them in his royal garden. As he thought it was his territory, he started plucking. Little did he knew about the curse that was cast on the lady. She would turn into an evil witch if someone other than her blood touched the roses. She had to attend a party that evening and now she is a wrecked witch. And yeah, she is mad and ready to curse the king. 

But, she did not react fast. She calmed down and thought, what is the worst way to hurt someone? by hurting the ones they love the most! She could read the king’s mind. All his mind was filled with the thoughts of him meeting his wife and his daughter. But, his daughter seemed to like her hair the most. By this time, her hair grew to her shoulder’s level. The witch cast a spell so that her hair would turn blue, accompanied with nice trim and not to grow further at all! Seems that the witch is a potential hairstylist.

The king, who had no idea about all these started to run away, the moment he saw her turn into a witch. He finally reached his palace and searched for his wife and daughter. The Queen came weeping. The king was scared that something bad happened to this dear daughter Apunzel. He went to Apunzel’s room. She was alive and alright. The king felt relieved for a second. But, he then noticed how her hair was changed. It became short and blue and short!! The king summoned all the doctors up to his court and announced a reward for the ones who would turn her daughter’s hair into the original form. But all in vain. Everyone finally started to accept the fact that things can not be changed. Apunzel eventually started to forget that she had golden hair. Her parents also told her that her hair did not grow as she was special. She started to accept that and got a proper education. She had a profound interest in singing and playing Guitar. She had good articulation skills and eventually, became a rapper. 

She performed in many events in her kingdom and attained name and fame. Soon, she was known to be the rapper Apunzel than as princess Apunzel. The people loved her so much that they gave her a stage name. Rapper combined with Apunzel gives Rapunzel! 

Rapunzel became famous all over the kingdom, across kingdoms, and to the crown prince of Genovia, Flynn, the second of his name, with red hair. He came to Corona to hear Rapunzel’s voice in one of her performances. Alas, he could not. Because he fell in love with her at first sight and was mesmerized by her blue hair. She was not singing either as they both were eye locked. 

After a pretty long time, they both became conscious and started talking. They liked each other and got married. They soon had a daughter with purple hair. They named her Violet. And the next child was named Lavender. 

As Genovia and Corona are merged, the old King can follow the north star if he wants to for his next adventure. The Queen felt left out, so she dyed her hair green. Meanwhile, the wrecked witch was able to attend the party that evening, because she is a witch and she could make potions to change her back to human form. 

And this is how those black roses led to the creation of Lavender and Violet! They all lived happily ever after until they were dead! 


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